Moscow Metro

The Moscow Metro has 269 stations, 15 lines, 400 kilometers of tracks, 11,300 train routes on the lines per day and almost 7 million people of the daily passenger traffic. All this data is collected in one dispatch center, which oversees the work of the subway. The main information is displayed on the central panel, measuring 11×3 meters dashboard.

Our task was to structure the outgoing information and structure it into separate streams. It was important to pay attention to the current performance metro and possible abnormal situations.

Client: Moscow Metro
Date: 28.04.2019
Services: UX Design


We come to work with the prioritization of data in the general incoming flow of information. In total, more than 5000 indicators of the current status of the metro converge in the system. Our task was complicated by the fact that the surface, albeit of a large display, is finite and an excessive amount of information will defocus attention. As a result of testing various options, a modular grid was created, where you can place widgets.

The location of the widgets depends on the importance of the information. The central place is occupied by the interactive loading scheme of the metro, where information is displayed on the observance of the train schedule, as well as all the information on incidents. To the left of the diagram is a detailed summary of the loading of lines, train schedules and other summary indicators. The right part of the screen is information output from video surveillance cameras and working out scenarios in case of emergency situations.

Future expansion

Moscow Metro is in constant development. We took into account that new lines will be added, the number of stations will increase, and perhaps in the future there will be subsystems that require new widgets.

To unify the display of different data, we created rules for building a grid within a single widget. It will allow, if necessary, to construct the output of highly specialized data types. For example, electrical circuits, work cards and maintenance of escalators and so on.