SDM Business

Client: SDM Bank
Date: 10.07.2019
Services: Web Design, UX Design, Mobile App

SDM Business is an Internet banking for legal entities of a large Russian bank SDM Bank. Internet banking is available on all major platforms: the web version is available for computers, and there is a mobile application for smartphones.

The Process

The Bank pays great attention to its art component of its branding. At the same time, the internet-bank interface must be recognizable, modern and understandable. As a result, we decided to combine beauty and functionalism in one UX-solution.


The visual image of the project combines the simple usability and elegance of the style of SDM Bank. Classic paintings from of the bank art collection are combined with a modern approach to creating interface for a financial organization. The product design was able to combine calm images and conciseness of the working space for the user.