SDM Bank Gallery

Website of one of the largest private art galleries in Russia.


The SDM Gallery is an art-heritage of the SDM Bank, which has more than 500 works of various artists, some paintings naturally went into the category of antique and gained historical value.

The collection has iconic names representing the classics of Soviet, Russian painting. The canvases of many of our authors are in the Tretyakov Gallery, the Russian Museum and other major museums in Russia and foreign countries.

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Client: SDM Bank
Date: 2019-05-06
Services: Design, Art Direction, Website


One of the main tasks of the new site was to create a full-fledged online gallery of paintings.

The owners wanted visitors to the art gallery site to have an opportunity to review the works of artists in detail, as well as to get access to the online version of the exhibitions.

In addition to the event component, the second important part was to catalog the collection, to enable site users to explore a rich cross section of historical heritage and artists represented in the collection.


We tried to create an interface when the paintings are the main design element. All other elements are only of an official nature, without distracting the user from the main one.

Each work can be studied in detail and immediately see all its legend. Users of the site have access to a catalog, which is structured according to a variety of criteria, allowing them to quickly navigate the collection.